Where your pets love us as much as we love them

Or maybe it’s just our bottomless treat supply. We’ll never tell 😉

The Prosper Pet Promise

At Prosper Pet Clinic, we care for your precious bundle of fur as if they’re our own, because we’re pet parents too, so we get it. 

Our Services

We offer a variety of services, from preventative care, to general surgery & dentistry, to more specialized care options. We like to focus on preventive care, so your pet can live a full, happy, healthy life by their favorite human’s side (you!).

We know that no two pets are the same, which is why we never “cookie cut” anything – including vaccines and procedures. 

Each and every visit is tailored to your pet’s unique needs. We’ll work together to help you make the best decisions for your beloved pet, every visit!

Phenomenal, amazing staff!

"Our dog is the only child we have. She is our entire world! I can honestly say that as long as we live in this area, we will be seeing Dr. Sargent and all of his amazing staff!

Thank you Prosper Pet for being so wonderful, and treating our “kid” like your own."

- Jessi M

Their smiles are why we smile

We know that going to the V-E-T can feel stressful and scary… So, we work hard to create a warm, happy, low-stress environment for every visit, because that means less anxious pets, and more wet kisses, smiling faces, ferocious tail wags, and even sometimes… the occasional purr!

Because those reactions are the best feeling ever, and THAT is why we do what we do.